Parigot Crémant de Bourgogne

Crémant de Bourgogne L'Or de Parigot

L'Or de Parigot

Gold flakes in a "Parigot Rosé" !

A magical, if slightly crazy, idea

"La maison Parigot & Richard" has always pursued the same objective : to do everything within it's power to create exceptional tasting moments.

The Parigot Rosé

Our "Crémant Rosé" is made exclusively from the same "Pinot Noir" grape of the great wines of Burgundy. The choice of this grape, the care taken to preserve its unique personality during the winemaking process, and the long aging time in the cellar, make this a crémant of great quality.

The gold flakes

The gold used for the flakes is the purest form of gold that exists (24 carats). During the transformation of the gold into flakes it undergoes a special treatment to ensure that it is edible. From gold ingot to sparkling flakes, the gold is transformed through many steps. The bars of pure gold are crushed and then hammered into sheets, which are then reduced to tiny flakes of edible gold.

From mythical times to today, gold has always been a status symbol. But more than that, it also has legendary medicinal qualities. Some even say that it is an aphrodisiac.Even if legend is stronger than truth, gold does have several qualities that benefit your body and can be consumed without moderation !

L'Or de Parigot

The delicate blending of the gold flakes and the crémant takes place during the disgorging, dosing and corking of the bottles.

Tasting "l'Or de Parigot", a unique privilege